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  Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the price for Bus / Coach training?
A. There are a number of packages available, for more information and to see the prices.

Q.What is a class D Licence?

A. Basic License (Class / category D) may be issued to a person 18 years of age and older for all types of passenger carrying vehicles.

Q. What is the difference between bus and coach training?
A. There is no difference you will receive the licence category D, once passed. The only difference is the vehicle; buses are generally used on local routes with coaches being used for long distances.

Q.What vehicles will I be able to drive once I have passed my test?  
A. You can drive any bus / coach with more than 8 passenger seats (with a trailer up to 750kg). If you pass your test in a category D vehicle you will automatically get the D1 licence to driver minibuses.

Q.What process do I need to go through?
A. The main elements you would need to complete are: Medical, hazard perception theory test, multiple choice theory test and practical driving test. To then drive commercially you would also need to complete the Module 2 Initial CPC theory test and Module 4 Practical CPC test.

Q.How long does the process take?
A. If you successfully pass each of the stages first time the duration is between 6 – 8 weeks. The practical aspect of your training will be over 5 days, Monday – Friday. Your practical module 4 can also be booked within this week as long as you have passed your module 2 initial CPC.

Q.What is the difference between and category D and a category D1 licence?
A. Category D1 is for minibuses up to 16 passenger seats. A category D licence is for bus and coaches. If you pass your test in a category D vehicle you will automatically get the D1 licence as well.

Q.What locations can I do the bus / coach training at? 

A.We have depots at Hickstead just north of Brighton, and Guildford.

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