Start Your HGV Journey


Starting Out

It all may seem very confusing when your starting out looking a becoming either a HGV or PCV Driver. With all the theory / practical tests, driver cpc it can seem quite complicated but in fact, it’s really simple once it’s broken it down into small pieces.

To break it down …

Whether you want lorry license, pcv license, what you have to do is more or less the same.

How do I get an LGV/PCV licence?

  • You need to apply for the provisional entitlement from the DVLA in the same way as you did for your car but this time it would be for LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) or PCV (Passenger Carry Vehicle) By ringing I Drive Driver Training we will send you all the information and forms that you will need. 01444 227633.
  • You will need to have an LGV PCV Driver’s Medical. The best way to get one is to search online for LGV PCV Medicals and choose a company and location that suits you. These doctors do the same as your local GP but at half the cost or less. Take the D4 Medical form with you to the doctors. They will need it.
  • Fill out the DVLA D2 licence application form and tick both categories C and D (lorry and bus) even if you only want the one category, do the other one because in the future if you change your mind, it will save you money as you now have all the provisional categories on your licence.
  • Send all the forms off with your licence to the DVLA. Remember you will need a ‘large class stamp’.
  • When your licence comes back you are now allowed to drive your choice of vehicle as a learner.

Call I Drive Driver training for an assessment drive in the category of vehicleyou would like to gain. This is FREE as we believe that you should meet us and we can meet you. We can assess your current driving ability to ensure that you choose the right course.


There are numerous theory and practical tests to take which may all seem confusing but in fact, it is straightforward. So let’s start at the beginning.

All tests are called Modules and are explained in further detail below:

hgv driver training

Theory tests


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Module 1

  • The Multiple Choice Test for the category of vehicle you want to drive. The same as your car test but for a PCV Bus or LGV Lorry.
  • You need to score a minimum 85/100 to pass. Don’t worry, the DVSA supply a study book with the questions and answers in!
  • Hazard Perception test where you watch 19 clips of developing hazards and have to click on them when you see that hazard developing and score a minimum of 67/100. It’s exactly the same as your car test.
  • Practice DVD’s are available.

Module 2

  • Case studies are where you read a passage relating to either a bus or a lorry and answer questions on it. Again, straightforward enough. Study book is available! 40/50 is the pass mark.

Practical Test


Module 3


Practical driving test

  • This is your LGV/PCV practical driving test. It is conducted more or less in the same way as your car test but in the vehicle of your choice and lasts just over an hour.
  • You have a small theory test at the beginning. It is called ‘Tell me, show me’ and is the same as your car test but again relates to the vehicle you are testing in.

The reversing exercise where you reverse into a coned area called ‘the garage’. Pretty simple.

  • The practical drive and like your car test, you are not allowed any more than 15 driver faults and no serious or dangerous faults in order to pass.
  • If you are testing with a vehicle with a trailer you will have to do the ‘trailer drop’ which is how to hitch and unhitch.



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 Practical Demonstration Test

  • This test lasts about 30 – 40 minutes with an overall pass mark of 80% with no less than 10% in each category. The examiner will ask you questions about your vehicle, procedures and the general condition of it. It is no more than an in-depth ‘Tell me, show me’. Again, not a difficult one to pass. You are taught everything you need to know while you are with us on your course with ample training aids.

Module 2 and 4 is called the initial CPC which gives you the CPC Drivers Qualification Card.

  • You must have these two tests passed if you wish to drive commercially. There are a few exceptions (scaffolders, paramedics and teachers to name a few) but generally you would need to have this if you want to earn money for driving.


That’s about it!


Lots of others have done it, so why not you?

You will need to have a ‘LGV PCV Driver’s medical. The best way to get one is to search online for ‘LGV PCV medicals’ and choose a company and location that suits you. These doctors do the same as your local GP but at half the cost or less.